Dewanchand Varma's life story is under constant revision as more new material comes to light. The printed book will be revised at least once a year to include the revisions, corrections and amnedements listed below.

One of the challenges is that the French newspapers spell his name with at least two variants: Warma, and Varma

Book Corrections and Amendments

Current as of January 15th 2012 

1. Page 87 in Pranotherapy the actual reference for Stone's book "Vitality Balance" is Chart 3 page 32 and page 46 6th paragraph. Vitality Balance is now in the complete collected work entitled Polarity Therapy Volume 2 by R. Stone.

2. A lot of new evidence has come to light indicating that Varma was living and working in Paris as eary as 1913

3. The meeting between Stone and Lief would definitely appear to be post 1956 as Leon Chaitow DO ND has copies of Stone's books that Stone gave to Lief and included with them is the book by Dr F.M. Houston DC called "Contact Healing"  this book was only published in 1956.

4. Varma's book referenced in the 'Connective Tissue" chapter is actually entitled "La Clef de la Sante" with a sub-title "Etudes sur une Methode Therapeutique Generale."